Drumroll, Please: These Are the Kickass Women of 2018's Most Exciting Movies

Last year is already being discussed as one of those years that people are dying to forget, but honestly, all of its difficulties allow us to propel forward, and I mean that in no trite way as it pertains to 2018 movies. After all, movies and Hollywood are a reflection of our social situation and the environment that birthed both the #MeToo movement and Time's Up. Now, in the midst of a rebellious, totally different award season, we're getting the kind of movies that we need: movies that celebrate women. Movies that star primarily women. Movies that portray women as more than mothers and girlfriends. Yes, these movies have always existed, but 2018 is giving us an impressive volume of these, particularly with movies full of women who are kicking ass. Behold, the movies starring the fiercest females of 2018 that you won't just want to see - you'll want to be.

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