Proof That Not Even Harry Potter Glasses Can Make Cillian Murphy Unattractive

The following contains light spoilers for Peaky Blinders.

Just when we thought that Peaky Blinders's Tommy Shelby couldn't get any finer than his usual "moody and grieving, but still dapper and dangerous" look, season four of the British gangster series - now streaming on Netflix - added a whole new element to the character's look that has fans everywhere thanking their lucky stars. It might seem counterintuitive that putting something in front of dashing Shelby actor Cillian Murphy's piercing blue eyes would somehow make them even more soulful, but a pair of round-framed spectacles in the new season has achieved precisely that.

While the style of eyewear might be a bit Harry Potter-esque on anybody else, the glasses suit Tommy's old-school style and "business first" attitude perfectly. He doesn't wear his best new accessory in every scene of season four, but fans can't get enough of the scenes when he does! We've rounded up some of the best moments featuring Tommy's glasses for your enjoyment; don't say we never did anything for you.

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