A frozen crop: Detroit Lake hosts first ice harvest in nearly 50 years

Detroit Lakes Online

It’s official: Detroit Lakes’ first ice harvest since the early 1970s is in the books.

A crew of nine men from Wee Kut Ice in Spicer, Minn., arrived late Thursday...

The ice harvest out front of the Detroit Lakes Pavilion started on a cold one. A sundog could be seen hovering over the Wee Cut workers all afternoon as they extracted 500 pound ice cubes from Big Detroit Lakes one by one. Kaysey Price / Tribune
A block of ice glides down the chute, ready to be sorted according to size and staged for the ice palace. Kaysey Price / Tribune
Each cube is transported one by one to the staging area near shore. Kaysey Price / Tribune
Workers with Wee Cut clean off the harvested ice. Kaysey Price / Tribune
The blocks of ice are sorted according to size, cleaned, and staged for the ice palace, which will be built in Peoples Park. Kaysey Price / Tribune
The harvesting ice has been kept clean for January 11 and 12, the days it will be extracted from Big Detroit Lake. Kaysey Price / Tribune
Cut into many pieces, the ice harvest is kicked off with a ribbon cutting. Kaysey Price / Tribune

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