The Ominous Trailer For Fahrenheit 451 Hits Way Too Close to Home in 2018

Ten years ago, dystopian movies and TV shows were fun to watch because they seemed wholly unrealistic and unbelievable. Now, given our current situation (read: the unstable genius leading America into nuclear war), some things might feel like they hit a little too close to home. Take the first trailer for HBO's Fahrenheit 451 adaptation, for instance, which might send some uncomfortable chills down your spine.

The brief teaser shows us a glimpse of a large bonfire of classic books like Crime and Punishment and a look at star Michael B. Jordan's hands. The movie follows the story of Ray Bradbury's 1953 novel, where books are outlawed in a futuristic American society that has "firemen" on hand to burn any remaining publications. Guy Montag (Jordan), a young fireman, begins to question his job after meeting a young woman who convinces him to rebel against society.

Fahrenheit 451 also stars Michael Shannon and Sofia Boutella and premieres on HBO this Spring.

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