St. Paul Saints? No, they’re the (Skol Paul?) Vikings this playoff weekend

The St. Paul Saints are changing their name, but just for the weekend.

To support the Vikings in Sunday’s play off against the New Orleans Saints, the St. Paul baseball team is going all in.

“This week we aren’t Saints … we’re Vikings,” said a video posted on Twitter by the team.

In the video, the mascot, Mudonna, also called the Divine Swine, the Diva of the Diamond and the Duchess of Pork, changes her jersey and plants a Vikings flag in the middle of CHS Field.

This week we aren’t Saints…we’re @Vikings! #Skol

— St. Paul Skol (@StPaulSaints) January 9, 2018

Even the CHS sign got a purple makeover, along with several other landmarks.

The Vikings host the Saints at 3:40 p.m. Sunday at the U.S. Bank Stadium.

Perhaps the city should rename itself Skol Paul for the game? Just a thought.

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