Colorado inmate escapes — to the jail ceiling

Cody Lauchlin Crocker
Cody Lauchlin Crocker

A Colorado jail inmate caused a commotion Tuesday morning when he found a way to crawl into the ceiling and hide from deputies.

There never was a grave concern that inmate Cody Crocker, 34, would be able to escape the Douglas County Detention Facility because there is limited space in the ceiling and the building’s concrete walls extend beyond the ceiling, said Lauren Lekander, a Douglas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Sheriff’s deputies and Castle Rock Police Department officers set up a perimeter while a search for Crocker began. Deputies eventually found him by lifting ceiling tiles and looking and listening, Lekander said. Crocker was removed from the ceiling without incident after about an hour.

As to how Crocker managed to crawl into the ceiling, that will remain a secret.

“We don’t want to give anybody else any ideas,” Lekander said.

Crocker was being held on charges of forgery, attempt to influence a public servant, shoplifting and drug paraphernalia possession, according to jail records.

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