'Devil May Cry' will be free with Twitch Prime on February 27th

Twitch Prime only occasionally offers sweet game deals, but this one might be worth grabbing if you want to brush up on video game history. Twitch and Capcom are offering the Windows version of the original Devil May Cry (specifically, from the HD Collection) for free to Amazon Prime subscribers starting on February 27th. In many ways, this is the archetype for stylish hack-and-slash action titles like Bayonetta -- Dante succeeds in his demon hunting saga by mixing up attacks to create an unbroken chain of death. Add in a story inspired by The Divine Comedy and it's fairly clear why the series spawned both multiple sequels and a remake, even if if they didn't always live up to the original.

Via: Wario64 (Twitter)

Source: Devil May Cry (YouTube), Capcom

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