How Did Diddy and Biggie Meet? The Moment That Left a Lasting Memory on Their Lives

March 9 marked the 21-year anniversary of Notorious B.I.G.'s tragic death. Even though the rapper is no longer with us, his legacy is carried on by his family and friends, including best friend Sean "Diddy" Combs.

The duo first met in 1992 when Diddy arranged to meet with Biggie after seeing his feature in The Source magazine's "Unsigned Hype" column. "The first time I met B.I.G., I brought him to a soul food restaurant called Sylvia's, uptown in Harlem," Diddy recalled in a 2017 interview with Revolt. "The first thing that I remember was how big and black he was . . . This is during the time of Al B. Sure and LL Cool J. Dark skin wasn't in. He was beyond dark-skinned. I remember him sitting down and he really didn't have anything to say. So you have this big guy who has this in-your-face rap attitude, but was quiet."

While Diddy was taken aback by his demeanor, it was ultimately Biggie's lack of appetite that surprised him the most. "Here's the mind-blowing thing," Diddy explained. "We at Sylvia's. This is the best soul food in the world. You would actually just come to New York for this soul food. I asked him if he wanted to eat and he was like 'Nah.' He didn't wanna eat. I realized that's how big this moment was for him. This was really his dream. He couldn't even eat. He just wanted for this to really happen and it happened. It was all a dream. True story."

"It was all a dream. True story."

After signing with Diddy's Bad Boy Records, Biggie dropped his debut album, Ready to Die, in 1994. Sadly, that was the only album he released before being fatally shot in LA on March 9, 1997. The record label later honored him by releasing his posthumous album, Life After Death, that same month.

Biggie may have been signed as an artist to Diddy's label, but the two were friends first and foremost. Not only does the mogul often pay tribute to him on social media with throwback photos, but he even released a documentary, Can't Stop, Won't Stop, that includes never-before-seen photos and videos of him and Biggie and teamed up with Biggie's wife, Faith Evans to release a tribute song, "I'll Be Missing You," two months after his passing. Diddy has also remained close with Biggie's mother, Voletta Wallace, and his two kids, T'yanna and Christopher "C.J." Wallace Jr. Take a look at some of their best moments together.

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