10 Essential Roseanne Episodes to Watch Before the ABC Reboot

You would have to be Amish or living under a rock not to know that Roseanne is returning to ABC on March 27 (unless you're Amish and living under a rock, in which case you're seriously breaking all the rules reading this).

Like Will & Grace and Full House before it, the return of Roseanne is scratching our current insatiable itch for nostalgia. By all accounts, the working-class family from Landford, IL, is ready to scratch that itch.

But before the new season starts, it's important to look back to understand why Roseanne mattered in the first place. There really haven't been many families like the Conners on TV before or since - families struggling to pay the bills, sharing bedrooms out of economic necessity, tackling problems like depression, teenage sex, LGBTQ+ issues, abuse, and so much more. Here are just a few of the episodes you need to watch, all available on Amazon Prime, before the season premiere.

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