Ryan Reynolds Sang "Tomorrow" on Korean TV, Dressed as a Unicorn, and It's Amazing

Ryan Reynolds's press tour for Deadpool 2 has been full of hilarious moments, but this latest stunt may be the best yet. Over the weekend, Ryan made a surprise appearance on the hugely popular South Korean TV show King of Mask Singer, where he performed the song "Tomorrow" from Annie while dressed in a sparkly cape and a rainbow unicorn mask. Though he refers to himself as "one of the top 5 worst singers in the world" we think Ryan does a pretty awesome job, and the crowd definitely seemed to agree. After he belted out the Broadway classic, the panel had to guess who was hiding under the mask, and some of the suggestions were pretty cutting ("the performance was too plain to be that of a musical actor")! Eventually, one judge spotted a clue that led to the truth, and the reaction from the crowd is pretty much exactly what you'd expect. Apparently, Ryan told nobody about his singing debut, even wife Blake Lively, but we bet she'll have something to say when she sees these clips. Keep reading to see the performance for yourself, it's bound to brighten your day!

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