Here's Every Shred of Information We Have on Grey's Anatomy's Ending

Grey's Anatomy has gone on for a long time. Like, record-shattering long. In April, fans learned that the hit show was getting renewed for a 15th season, making it the longest-running primetime drama on ABC and tying it with ER for the longest-running medical drama on television. But like all good things, Grey's Anatomy will eventually come to an end.

It looks like the ultimate series finale is inching toward us by the day, likely sometime during the next few years given recent comments made by Ellen Pompeo, the actress who plays Meredith Grey - and Pompeo certainly isn't the only person to chat about the show's ending. In the past year, Shonda Rhimes, the show's iconic creator, and Debbie Allen, the actress who portrays Catherine Avery, also shared their thoughts about Grey's Anatomy's eventual conclusion.

Here are all of the quotes out there about our beloved medical drama's end, from words of reassurance about the drama's current network clout to post-Grey's plans.

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