Kristen Bell Takes Over Ellen With Jamie Foxx & His Daughter Revealing Their HIGHlarious Hidden Talent — Watch All The Highlights!

What do Kristen Bell, Jamie Foxx, and his daughter Corinne all have in common??

With the actress filling in for Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday's episode of Ellen, the 50-year-old musician revealed that he and his daughter have some pretty unique physical similarities -- and it turns out, Kristen does too!

Watch the video (above) to find out the hilarious trick!

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Elsawhere in the episode (get it?), Jamie and Corinne play a game of "You Bet Your Daughter" against Kristen and her very own mom, Lorelei! Watch (below)!!

Jamie also admitted how he spoke differently when he met Barbra Streisand in the Hamptons -- ch-ch-check out his impression (below)!

Of course, there was some incredible kid talent when seven-year-old pop and lock dancer Ziqi Li aka Lil' Mushroom returned to the show to knock Kristen's socks off (below)!

And last but not least, it wouldn't be an episode of Ellen without a priceless prank. Watch Kristen pull off her very own (below)!!


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