Letter: A better amendment


Minnesota has already polluted her Constitution with a silly amendment to earmark a specific current tax for a specific current purpose, and there are calls to create other additional “fashionable” amendments. I propose that we have a real amendment to our Constitution. It is the obligation of our legislators to form a budget that the governor will sign. All other laws are optional, as evidenced by the fact we have survived as a state for 160 years without them.

My proposed amendment would ban the creation of any new law until the budget for the next year is already signed. Failure to finish a legislative session with such a budget in place would result in the removal of every legislator and the governor from public office with a lifetime ban from being able to hold future state offices. A special election would be held within 120 days to replace everyone. If these folks cannot perform the most basic function of their job descriptions, they should not be there. I’m not sure how else to get them to take their jobs seriously. And if it is written into the Constitution, no state judges could declare this plan as “unconstitutionally” constraining our elected officials.  Just an idea …

Carl Hasbargen, St. Paul

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