Girls lacrosse coach for White Bear Lake schools sent ‘obscene’ pictures to student, charges say

A lacrosse coach for the White Bear Lake Area school district is accused of sending lewd photos to a 14-year-old student, charges say.

Amber Joi Cron, 20, of Forest Lake faces one count of distributing obscene material, according to the criminal complaint filed against her in Ramsey County District Court Friday.

The crime is a gross misdemeanor. Cron, of Forest Lake, was charged via warrant.

White Bear Lake police began investigating the case after a student reported the conduct to the district’s athletic director earlier this month, charges say.

The teen reported that Cron sent him three lewd images over the social networking site SnapChat on June 10, the complaint said.

He and Cron know each other through lacross, the boy told police, according to legal documents. He is on the boys team while Cron coaches the girls’ team. He told officers he has friends on the girls team and would occasionally help the managers of that team when he didn’t have practice.

His communication with Cron on social media began after the teen said he started following her on Instagram, according to legal documents.

Eventually, Cron added him on SnapChat and the two began exchanging “random pictures,” the teen told police, the complaint said.

The communication stalled after Cron sent him three lewd pictures June 10, charges say.

The first two photos depicted her cleavage, according to the complaint.

Taken off guard, the teen said he responded by sending her a picture of his forehead.

When she sent him a third photo of an exposed breast, the teen unfollowed her on the social networking site, legal documents say.

Cron allegedly tried to add him back the following day but he did not accept her request.

Minnesota statute prohibits the distribution of obscene materials and defines “obscene” as anything that “appeals to the prurient interest in sex,” the complaint said.

“An adult woman sending a topless photo to a 14-year-old boy can have no other purpose than to appeal to his ‘prurient interest in sex,’” according to the charging document.

The White Bear Lake Area school district’s web site lists Cron as an assistant coach for the girls’ lacrosse team.

District officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Cron could not be reached and no attorney was listed for her in court records. She has no criminal record.

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