Letter: Show us the trade barriers, by country


President Trump has suggested that all countries go to zero tariffs. But no country has taken him up on his offer, why?

I’ll bet it’s because China, the EU and many other countries have much higher tariffs and other trade barriers against U.S> than the U.S. has against the rest of the world. Why don’t some of our great investigative reporters show us the trade barriers that are now in effect by country? Then we can see if Trump is correct, in that America is being taken advantage of in the trade world and Trump should try and correct this imbalance.

Gerald Agrimson, Stillwater



I was shocked to learn that the Vikings are paying wide receiver Adam Thielen only $4.8 million a season. It’s hard to argue with the headline (“Underpaid, unswayed,” Aug. 3).

If Thielen is having trouble making ends meet on that salary, perhaps he should consider driving a bus during the off-season. According to another recent article (“Transit to see cuts in service,” Aug. 1), a new driver can expect to start at $19.45 an hour.

Of course, Thielen would have to get used to fending off assaults without benefit of helmet and pads, unless Metro Transit officials would consent to let him wear his Vikings uniform to work.

Dave Healy, St. Paul



Seven years ago, a strong new voice, with leadership and state Legislature experience, rolled into West St. Paul’s Ward III on a pair of roller derby roller skates and a big moving van. This owner of this voice has the characteristics desperately needed on our city council.

This voice projected itself in the halls of the state Senate as a legislative aide to Jim Metzen. Recent events (Robert Street funding and proposed sales tax approval) have shown WSP how important it is to know the workings of the state Legislature.

This voice leads teams to work together as a project manager and as a leader in the Minnesota RollerGirls roller derby league.  As a fellow project manager, I know the hard work it takes to consult, cooperate and organize many individuals to drive results.

This voice has tenacity. Tenacity that is backed up by strength of character, strength of leadership and the support of teammates on the track and in our neighborhoods. This voice will not be bullied or intimidated by negative influences.

Finally, this voice has an open ear to new ideas, people’s concerns and constructive criticisms. One has to be to be a successful leader in the business and sports world.

This voice belongs to Lisa Eng-Sarne, and I urge a vote for Lisa Eng-Sarne in the Aug. 14th WSP Ward III primary and in the general election.

David J. Lynch, West St. Paul


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