It's Our Turn: Many miles and memories

Echo Press

2,120.5 miles. What is the significance of this number?

First off, it's the approximate distance from Alexandria to Key West, Florida, a favorite vacation spot.

Second, it's the total number...

Al Edenloff (with race bib on) cheers on his wife, Celeste, as she approaches the finish line of the Lakes Area Endurance race in Alexandria a couple of years ago. (Contributed)
At one of the coldest races they participated in – the Twin Cities in Motion Valentine’s Day 5K – Celeste and Al Edenloff donned not only winter running gear, but also ended up wearing their winter coats while running the 3.1 mile race. (Contributed)
Handmade hooks hanging in their spare bedroom are filled with medals from the numerous races Celeste Edenloff and her husband, Al, have participated in in the last eight years. A friend made them a quilt with the many race shirts they have collected over the years. (Celeste Edenloff / Echo Press)
Al and Celeste Edenloff ran their first race in September 2009, but didn’t start seriously running until 2010. In the past eight years, they have logged more than 2,000 race miles in more than 200 races. (Contributed)

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