Have Mercy! Game of Thrones Meets Full House in Jimmy Kimmel's Spin-off Parody

Whatever happened to predictability? The dragons, the Iron throne, the race for Kings Landing? Sorry, after the Game of Thrones series finale, I'm feeling a little nostalgic. It's the end of an era, but thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the fun continues in the form of sitcom revival: Full House Lannister. Despite Jaime Lannister's real-life GOT end, he swaps places with Uncle Jesse in this fake reboot, to learn some not-so family-friendly lessons with Danny and Joey.

Turns out, Jaime's problems with Cersei are a little difficult for the guys to stomach. In the wise words of Uncle Joey, Jaime doesn't just need to "cut it out," he needs to "stop f*cking his sister." I mean, Joey's not wrong. Watch the full video above to see the hilarity ensue - I definitely wouldn't be mad if this ended up being one of HBO's three GOT spin-offs.

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