Hwy 10: Demo work nears completion

Wadena PJ

Demolition of buildings in Wadena in preparation for the reconstruction of Hwy 10 started May 1 and with most of the month now gone, those projects are nearing completion.

Orton's gas station in Wadena was torn down last week to make way for the expansion of Hwy 10 through Wadena.
Michael Denny/Pioneer Journal
Crews from F & S Concrete from Garfield, Minn., work to pour concrete curbs in May in Wadena. They were down to the last few stretches of corners to finish the curb work on the reconstructed County Highway 4.
Michael Johnson/Pioneer Journal
Landwehr Construction crews tear apart the concrete last week while tearing apart the former Orton's gas station at the corner of Hwy 10 and 71.
Michael Denny/Pioneer Journal
New curb is in place along County Highway 4 in Wadena. It's now clear how the layout of the new roadway will look as it curves onto Hwy 10.
Michael Johnson/Pioneer Journal
A fuel tank is set onto a trailer to be hauled away last week during demolition of the Orton's gas and convenience store in Wadena.
Becky Wedde/Wadena Pioneer Journal
Landwehr Construction workers tearing down the old Orton's car wash in May in Wadena.
Michael Johnson/Pioneer Journal

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