The New Spider-Man: Far From Home Poster Is Getting the Meme Treatment For Being Kind of Terrible

Sony, we need to talk. Fans generally don't ask very much of their production companies (JK, we all know how fans can get), but if there's one thing they've come to expect - especially with superhero films - it's some damn good imagery. Spider-Man: Far From Home just learned the hard way that fans aren't nervous about expressing their feelings when it comes to disappointing promo releases. A recently released IMAX poster for the film got heat from fans on Twitter for being incredibly underwhelming.

To be honest, the poster doesn't even look like it's trying to be particularly showy - it's pretty serviceable. It actually looks similar to the Spider-Man: Homecoming poster, which kind of looks like a collage someone would make in junior high art class (no shade, some of those can be really artistic!). But fans wanted that pizzazz, and because they didn't get it, they decided to add some of their own. Well . . . it's more like they decided to show the folks at Sony and Marvel how inadequate they found the entire thing. While most of the DIY promotional posters ahead are made in jest, there are some gorgeous fan-made images as well. Keep scrolling to check them out!

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