St. Paul officials order mayor’s rental home be repaired and registered vacant

Officials with the St. Paul Department of Safety and Inspections have recommended that a North End rental house belonging to St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter and his ex-wife Alecia Carter be classified as a “Category II” vacant property, a designation reserved for visibly-distressed houses showing evidence of multiple code violations.

The status, based on an exterior inspection and prompted by public complaints, is not yet official as it can still be appealed to the St. Paul City Council.

Category II homes cannot be sold without city approval and a code compliance report, cost estimates and work schedules from licensed contractors for all planned repairs, and proof of financial capability to complete the repairs.

Dated June 11, a “summary abatement order” from a DSI inspector calls for the owner of the Hatch Avenue property in St. Paul’s North End to cut grass that showed evidence of mowing but was still more than eight inches high in some areas, repair a dilapidated wood fence, fix cracks in the concrete rear steps and address loose or missing siding on one side of the house.

The order also found peeling paint on portions of the exterior trim and loose litter on the front and rear porches. And it found a pile of discarded children’s toys near the alley, a pile of tree branches in the backyard, and a build-up of newspapers and mail.

The inspector reported the house as being “secure” and did not enter the premises.

In a recent written statement, the mayor said the home was damaged by previous tenants, and that he had hired a new property management company and regretted any negative impact on neighbors.

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