What to do when everything on their holiday wish list is digital

The following scenario will play out thousands of times this holiday season, and if you're buying a lot of presents for friends and family, it'll likely affect your life personally.

You: What do you want for the holidays?

Them: The new Akali skin for League of Legends!

You: I can get you some Riot Points, but I can't wrap them. Anything else?

Them: The Staccato Shotto for Fortnite!

You: Same problem.

Them: How about Luigi's Mansion 3? Here, just download it on my Switch.

You: Ugh.

With the advent of living, online worlds and digital-first storefronts, plenty of gamers' wish lists include intangible items like cosmetic upgrades, fresh weapons, extra characters and new games. Gift cards make it easy to hand out in-game currency for most major titles, and download codes mean you don't even have to put on pants to pick out a present. However, white elephant gift exchanges are pretty boring when everyone passes around nondescript envelopes. Even in the modern online age, there's something deeply unsatisfying about giving someone a fully digital present.

Luckily, there's a way to give your friends and family all the in-game goodies they want and also provide something to unwrap, all without buying extra presents. It's craft time, baby.

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