MN prisons: Moose Lake outbreak up to nine coronavirus cases

The correctional facility in Moose Lake is now reporting nine confirmed COVID-19 cases on Monday after two additional inmates tested positive.

Commissioner of Corrections Paul Schnell said Friday along with confirmed cases, the facility had about a dozen inmates with symptoms. The Department of Corrections’ website is reporting that seven of the nine patients who tested positive have recovered.

While staff members have tested positive in Red Wing, Moose Lake is currently the only state prison to have inmates test positive. A total of 33 inmates have been tested across 11 prisons with 24 testing negative.

Also at MCF-Moose Lake, a 48-year-old man collapsed and died on Sunday morning in the shower, though his death does not appear to be related to the coronavirus. A DOC release said he had not presented with COVID-19 symptoms or been around those who had tested positive or were presumed positive.

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