2020 Has a Diverse Lineup of LGBTQ+ YA Books - Here Are the Best Picks

When we read, we look for reflections of our own identities. This is especially true when it comes to YA books, whether you're reading them at 13, 21, or 40. When we bury ourselves in these coming-of-age books, we discover new facets of what we stand for and where we fit in. More than ever, publishers are beginning to see that the market for books with diverse gender and sexual representation is there - it always has been.

If you've recently found yourself blowing through your 2020 reading list, we suggest adding these 20 books to the very top. The best part is that while a chunk of these books do revolve around LGBTQ+ characters discovering their sexual and gender identities, many of them are just fantastical adventures that just happen to involve LGTBQ+ main characters.

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