Sainted: Sprucing up Apple Valley, one footstep at a time


I would like to Saint and thank a gentleman in my Apple Valley neighborhood.  I spoke to him on Saturday, June 20, and saw him again on June 23, picking up trash while doing his daily walk.

He walks four miles per day on various routes and picks up garbage along the way.

I want to thank him for helping to keep our community clean.

And Taint all those who feel the need to litter.

I also want to Saint my neighbor for providing a food bank to anyone in need.  She has done this of her own free will.  Thank you for helping others in need.

Julee Connelly, Apple Valley


I work part-time at a local convenience store in Inver Grove Heights.

Over the weekend, there was a lady passing through IGH who stopped to fill her tank at our store. She had partial payment via a gift card and some cash, but unfortunately, she did not have her debit card or any other cards to finish the payment and fell about $13 short.  A police officer was in the store and overheard the conversation and he paid the remaining balance.

I didn’t catch the officer’s name but with all the bad press right now about officers … I’d like to give a shout out that there are some who are going above and beyond the call of duty and paying it forward.

Julie Miles, Inver Grove Heights


Sainted to the entire staff in the 2600 Unit of United Hospital, June 11-June 13,  for my care after a recent surgery.

Every person I had contact with was extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and supportive.

Thank you.

Tom Krieger, White Bear Lake

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