Barnes County Jail Project Updates

At their regular meeting on July 7, 2020, the Barnes County Commission approved a motion to go forward with the construction of a new jail, minus the law enforcement center, at its proposed maximum construction cost of $15,890,637. On July 21, the commissioners revisited the issue, passing a resolution approving a maximum of $16,560,000 “to make original expenditures with respect [to the jail project] prior to the issuance of the Certificates (reimbursement bonds within the meaning of the Reimbursement Regulations), and reasonably expects to issue the Certificates (reimbursement bonds) for the Project, in one or more series, in a maximum principal amount of $16,560,000.”

Commissioner Vicky Lovell voted against both measures, and in the second meeting stated that it was because of the money figure increase from $15.89 million to $16.56 million. 

Bond Finance Attorney Scott Wegner clarified those numbers for commissioners via phone during their August 4 meeting. 

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