Tom Holland Roasts Brother After His “Brutal” Fight Scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home Was Cut

Tom Holland had the most sibling response to his brother Harry being cut from Spider-Man: No Way Home. On Dec. 3, the actor appeared on The Graham Norton Show, where he revealed that his younger brother told him to "suck it up" after he was complaining about having a long day shooting a scene where he was upside down. So, when the film's director, Jon Watts, asked if Harry wanted to play a burglar they were casting, Holland immediately signed him up and made sure the stunt coordinator had his brother doing scenes that required him to be upside down the entire time.

"Harry's upside down swinging back and forth. Bless him, he's doing a really good job," Holland recalled while chuckling. "And as the day's going on, he's got these lines and he's starting to forget his lines, and his eyes are about to pop out of his head." Afterward, Holland's brother told him, "Mate, you can complain as much as you want. That is brutal." The sad thing is that Harry didn't make the final cut. Holland's Graham Norton Show appearance is also the first time Harry learned about this. "Sucks to be you, bro!" the Spider-Man actor savagely remarked. Fingers crossed we still get to see his brother in the deleted scenes. Watch the full clip above!

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