This Is Us: Toby's Fate Is Finally Revealed During the Midseason Premiere

This Is Us is known for making us cry, but it hits us with a major curveball during the Winter finale, "Last Christmas." The December episode certainly left us reeling, as the final minutes showed Toby keeling over and flat-lining on the operating table. Even though Toby's fate was left up in the air, we finally got some answers during the midseason premiere. In one of the opening scenes, we learn that Toby actually suffered from an arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat. As he recuperates in the hospital with Kate by his side, the doctor proceeds to give him even more bad news: he needs surgery to repair his heart. Even though he's hesitant at first, he eventually agrees to do it last minute, but not before telling Kate that he loves her. Toby makes it through surgery with flying colors and Kate admits that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him and the two talk about getting married. Can you believe This Is Us actually gave us a happy ending for a change? Neither can we.

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