20 People Whose Lives Were Forever Changed When Beyoncé Unveiled Her Twins

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While everyone was sleeping on the night of July 13, Beyoncé gave the world a first look at her twin babies, Rumi and Sir Carter, with a beautiful Instagram photo reminiscent of her maternity shoot. In true Beyoncé fashion, the queen did not warn us or give us any sort of indication that our lives would be forever altered on that fateful night. While fans were certainly overjoyed, Twitter was most definitely abuzz. We scoured Twitter, and here are the best reactions we found.

Beyoncé Made Her First Appearance Since Welcoming Twins - and You Probably Missed It

What Beyoncé wants, Beyoncé gets 🔥. She had this vision long ago 🌸🌼 pic.twitter.com/2jXhVQEG6B

- Reggie 👑 (@Infinite67) July 14, 2017

Beyoncé's twins already made my skin clearer, cured my depression and restored my ability to love

- Matt Bellassai (@MattBellassai) July 14, 2017

Beyoncé wrote "Sir Carter and Rumi" not "Sir and Rumi Carter" so is Rumi not a Carter or is Sir Carter Sir Carter Carter? pic.twitter.com/UTOvLLupP4

- Kingsley (@kingsleyyy) July 14, 2017

a hater: "Beyoncé posted a picture of her babies? Who cares?!"

me: pic.twitter.com/ASjFMnGy9w

- Luigi (@LuigiM227) July 14, 2017

Beyoncé waits till the whole world is asleep before she drops anything and I'm tired of it. I haven't had a healthy snooze in 15 years

- Danny (@localblackicon) July 14, 2017

It only took Beyoncé a month to get her body back, she is COMING pic.twitter.com/iAZtYF0fB7

- Beyoncé Facts (@beyceipts) July 14, 2017

Beyoncé after posting the pic of the twins pic.twitter.com/2Yr7f1QoLD

- Calla✨ (@KissMeLoveMe__) July 14, 2017

'Beyoncé doesn't care about Africa'

Releases twins photo at 7:00am Central Africa Time pic.twitter.com/0iUw1g3IhX

- Sibongile Mafu Mafu (@sboshmafu) July 14, 2017

That Beyoncé level of "you'll know my business only when I decide to tell you" is definitely a level to aspire to.

- damn gina (@_MollyyyS) July 14, 2017

Beyoncé at 1am on a Thursday night pic.twitter.com/Wm48Qy1P14

- GEAUX (@YonceHaunted) July 14, 2017

The hive when Beyoncé announced Rumi and Sir on Instagram. pic.twitter.com/ALb05OGA8o

- RUMI AND SIR (@beyupdates_) July 14, 2017

Now Beyoncé has evicted the twins from the womb, best believe she's coming to evict your faves from the music industry next pic.twitter.com/A16IGd3YaQ

- Beyoncé Facts (@beyceipts) July 14, 2017

...Beyoncé just looks so READY. I don't know what for but again - find a wig & tack it just to be safe. leave ON your alerts! 🚨 pic.twitter.com/2FYqx6L6vv

- iCON Billingsley (@iCONtips) July 14, 2017

Beyoncé posted that picture of Sir Carter and Rumi like "Here damn always asking for something".. pic.twitter.com/wGDJgJxyYK

- Tremaine ☯️ (@TreN0Songz) July 14, 2017

Me: time for bed

Beyoncé: pic.twitter.com/RevVg0wAQi

- GEAUX (@YonceHaunted) July 14, 2017

Oh,Beyoncé thought we was sleep, huh? Sir and Rumi Carter #carters #twins #sirandrumi pic.twitter.com/zgTA5BgFjM

- PartyGirlsPod (@PartyGirlsPod) July 14, 2017

It only took Beyonce a month to get her body back... NO MORE EXCUSES 😭 pic.twitter.com/ufu39Hy7ui

- Live. (@SirTonyy) July 14, 2017

Everything might as well be cancelled today since Beyoncé showed us Sir & Rumi Carter. It's their day. pic.twitter.com/pOiNr6MtAl

- Afrodîttê♡ (@Afroditeeeeee) July 14, 2017

yAlL pOsTiNg bEyOncE kIdS bUt DoNt eVeN pOsT yOuR oWn pic.twitter.com/Pr0jQtS8tJ

- kee✨ (@__keedieeee) July 14, 2017

I literally was awakened from deep slumber without cause. Checked my phone for the time and "Beyonce shared a post" #SirCarterAndRumi pic.twitter.com/06RxNtIM2G

- ♛C. (@thedopestcase) July 14, 2017

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