The 1 Major Celebrity Game of Thrones' Euron Greyjoy Looks Exactly Like

Image Source: HBO

The massive Game of Thrones void in your life was finally filled on Sunday night when season seven premiered . . . and it did not disappoint. Yes, there was a cameo by Ed Sheeran, Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) continued to be her badass self, and Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) drank more wine. But when Euron Greyjoy popped up in King's Landing to propose to Cersei, did you find yourself once again scratching your head about who he reminds of? The character, portrayed by Danish actor Pilou Asbaek, made his grand entrance last season and quickly solidified himself as a genuinely evil person who enjoys murdering his family. But despite being awful on screen, his undoubtedly handsome face reminded us of none other than Joshua Jackson. Between the eyes, lips, and scruffy facial hair, they could easily pass as brothers (if not twins). Need proof? We got it.

13 People Euron Greyjoy Looked Like in His Swaggy New Leather Outfit

Image Source: HBO and Everett Collection

Image Source: HBO and Everett Collection

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