18 Jennifer Lopez Music Videos Ranked, From Hot to Hot as Hell

Jennifer Lopez has been in the music industry for almost 20 years, and every time she releases a new song, we know there is going to be a superhot music video to go along with it. Who can ever forget when she wore a fur coat with just underwear underneath in the video for "Jenny From the Block"? Or her multiple sultry moments in the classic "Waiting For Tonight"? The woman just knows exactly how to tug at our heart and lung strings. We practically lose our breath every time we see her in a music video.

But we're not fools! We've put together a countdown of her sexiest moments, ranked from hot to even hotter, because we know better than to think J Lo's sexy level has reached its peak. We're ready for this list to keep growing.

Attention: Jenny From the Block Is Back and Better in J Lo's New Music Video

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